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On every assignment, from outset to conclusion, you can be assured of professionalism and continuity. Our experience spanning two decades means we have exceptional knowledge of the Search and Selection process and can deliver a comprehensive reach. Our aim is to ensure you receive only the most targeted, bespoke service to meet your exact needs.

Because Copestone invests time in its candidates, we are confident that we not only understand their requirements but also how they meet the requirements of our clients.

Every candidate is interviewed and fully screened to our exacting standards and we pride ourselves on our ability to build lasting relationships with them. We give honest, considered and unbiased advice on their development and career potential.

The aim of Copestone is not only to match our candidates to the job specification but to present applicants of the highest quality both professionally and culturally.

Our Recruiting Services and Approach...

Our recommendation can only be made when we know your needs. A detailed brief enables us to understand your culture and establish the parameters and scope of the assignment and will therefore determine the solution best suited to you.

Our flexible options include:

  • Retained Searches: We recommend this option when seeking to fill your most crucial positions as well as for all positions at any level where time is a critical factor. As part of our retained search services, we create and execute a search strategy designed for your specific requirements.
  • Exclusive Contingency Search: Our Priority Search service is a cost-effective method of guaranteeing  our concerted effort to fill various openings or hard to fill positions.
  • Contingency Searches: Our contingency search service is designed for companies that do not want a  devoted effort, but want to see qualified candidates with whom we are currently working.
  • Project Search: Recommended when you are looking to fill a number of similar roles.
  • Advertised Search & Selection: Sometimes appropriate when combined with thorough search.
  • Interim Placements: When you are looking for a top-performing candidate to fill a short-term gap.

Contact us to learn more or to begin your search.

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